Fuel Your Body and Optimize Your Performance

Encore’s Protein mix supports your fitness goals, gut health, and overall wellbeing. With a combination of plant-based protein, Fibersol®, SLENDACOR®, ProHydrolase®, and DE111 Probiotic®, this formula offers a comprehensive solution to help you stay fit and be well.

No artificial additives, refined sugars, or fillers. All build flavors are dairy free, gluten free and soy free.

Ingredients In Action


Herbal weight management blend for metabolism support & appetite control


Soluble dietary fiber for optimal digestion & metabolism


Digestive enzyme blend for enhanced protein absorption & digestion

DE111 Probiotic®

Supports a healthy gut microbiome & enhances immune function

Why Protein?

Our plant-based protein provides a broad amino acid profile to support muscle recovery and strength, bone health, energy and metabolism, and general wellbeing. Protein isn’t just for athletes — it’s a key part of a balanced diet. Build is a delicious and convenient way to meet your body’s protein needs.